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Hitachi's new Remote I/O series for increased flexibility and cost efficiency!
Overview of all Hitachi EH-RIO ehrio_l.pdf
593 KByte / ca. 120 sec

Fieldbus Interface modules
RIO-DNA DeviceNet Adaptor
RIO-DNP DeviceNet Pass Through Interface
RIO-PBA Profibus Adaptor
Base terminals
RIO-SC IEC screw terminals (replacement part-5-pack)
RIO-SP IEC spring terminals (replacement part-5-pack)
RIO-SC3 IEC screw terminals (replacement part-5-pack), 3 wire
RIO-SP3 IEC spring terminals (replacement part-5-pack), 3 wire
RIO-BSC Base with IEC screw terminals
RIO-BSP Base with IEC spring terminals
RIO-BSC3 Base with IEC screw terminals (3 wire)
RIO-BSP3 Base with IEC spring terminals (3 wire)
Digital Input Modules
RIO-XDP2 24VDC 2-channel sink input module
RIO-XDP4 24VDC 4-channel sink input module
RIO-XAH2 230VAC 2 channel input module
RIO-XD2 24VDC 2-channel source input module
RIO-XD4 24VDC 4-channel source input module
Analog Input Modules
RIO-AX2i 2-channel 20 mA current analog input module
RIO-AX2V 2-channel 0-10V voltage analog input module
RIO-PT2 2-channel RTD input module
RIO-TC2 2-channel isolated thermocouple module
Digital Output modules
RIO-YTP2 24VDC 2-channel source output module
RIO-YTP4 24VDC 4-channel source output module
RIO-YR2 24VDC-coil N.O. DPST 2 channel relay module
RIO-YS2 120/240VAC 2-channel digital output module
Analog Output modules
RIO-AY2i 24VDC 2-channel 2 mA current analog output module
RIO-AY2V 24VDC 2-channel 0-10V voltage analog output module
High function modules
RIO-CU5 5VDC very high speed counter module
RIO-CU24 24VDC very high speed counter module
RIO-CU24L 24VDC 1-channel 1 MHz pulse input module
RIO-CU5L 5VDC 1-channel frequency module
Power supply modules
RIO-PS Universal power distribution module
RIO-PSD 24VDC power distribution module
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